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Web Design, Development And Online Marketing Services

We have a wide variety of up to date skills in Web Design, Web Development and Online Marketing. We continually work to improve our skills and knowledge so that we can continue to come up with appealing, successful web sites. Find out more about our abilities below.

Our Web Development Skills

ChalkOutline has put great emphasis on its Web Development skillbase. We have built a strong knowledge of some the most commonly used web development technologies (such as PHP, MySQL, advanced Apache usage, etc). We also have a good knowledge of the various other web design technologies too. The vast majority of our work these days incorporates the creation of dynamic web sites, content management systems and server-side scripting to some degree.

We take great care in making sure that our dynamic projects are safe, secure, efficiently coded, work consistently well and are simple for visitors to use. Our development work has performed well in every project it has been applied to and this is something that we intend to maintain. The core web development technologies in which we are proficient are listed below (click to find out more).

We are competent in the following technologies amongst others:

Our Web Design Skills

ChalkOutline Web Design started out in 1999 creating basic HTML web sites for small and medium businesses. From the outset great care was taken to stick to the following key web design rules. Good web sites should be consistently designed, appealing to look at, simple to use and navigate, visible to all common browser-types, and lastly, that the content should be king.

These golden rules have helped us to create effective and highly successful web sites for our clients. Even today we strive to stick to these rules. We enjoy the creative and functional challenge of creating usable web sites. our web design ethos is as simple as that!

We are competent in the following technologies amongst others:
 Advanced HTML
 Image Creation
 Macromedia App Suite

Our Online Marketing Skills

Advertising on the web is incredibly important these days. The web allows small companies to compete with larger companies. Ultimately it is their online marketing strategies, coupled with their web sites, that allows smaller companies to compete with the big boys.

Many of our projects over the last few years have involved online marketing to a great degree. Our clients operate in some of the most competitive online markets in existance. We have been forced to learn the intricacies of online marketing to really make our client's web sites perform and survive in these market places.

We are well versed in the ever-changing world of Search Engine Optimisation, the art of making web sites rank well in the search engines. This is something that is exceptionally important to the success of any web site these days. It is no use having a good web site if your target audience never get to see it. If you can get SEO right the resulting targeted web site traffic can be overwhelming. Coupled with a quality web site and a good product, enormous revenue can appear overnight... and all for free!

Getting your web site seen by potential customers is the key to a successful web site. There are many opportunities for paid online marketing these days, some good and some bad. We have great experience of paid advertising methods that actually work. Conversions from visitors to customers can be incredible if your web site is shown in the right place.

Let ChalkOutline work to get your web site seen by people who want to become your customers. Online marketing may not be easy, but it certainly can be rewarding (we know, we've seen it!).

We are competent in the following online marketing methods amongst others:
 Search Engine Optimisation
 META tag creation
 Reciprocal Linking
 Targeted Traffic Sourcing
 Exit Traffic
 Anchor text creation

There are many more hidden skills that are needed to create successful web sites, whether they are complex dynamic database driven web sites or simple HTML sites. When you use ChalkOutline for your project you harness our experience in knowing these all-important abilities. The skills and knowledge you see listed above are not the end of our abilities.